Field Service
Management Excellence

Take control over your field service management
with eFLEXS powerful, efficient and
advanced FSM software.

eFLEXS Field Service Management Screen

Field Service
Management Excellence

Take control over your field service management
with eFLEXS powerful, efficient and
advanced FSM software.

eFLEXS Field Service Management Screen

Some main benefits of eFLEXS Field Service Software

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Field service management software

Field Service Management Software 4.0

With eFLEXS you can efficiently plan and manage your
technical field workers and field services in no-time

Our service management software serves medium-sized companies with field workers such as technicians, drivers, field engineers, delivery staff, general maintenance and repair workers who are managed by dispatchers and/or managers
As a holistic field service management system, eFLEXS provides a simple data entry solution on a mobile device about field workers, field service scheduling, dispatching, service activities such as installations, repairs or maintenance of systems. All this data entry is seamlessly integrated with inventory, billing and accounting into our 100% cloud-based dispatch management software.

Field service management software

eFLEXS FSM Software in a nutshell

The service management solution for your technical field service.

eFLEXS is a powerful software built for medium-sized companies who operate field services in a wide range of industries: manufacturing, logistics, transport, production, operations, telecom, energy, and others.

Through advanced planning and optimization of your or your customers’ resources (time, working team, assets, material availability, money), eFLEXS helps you grow your business and improve your productivity.
The blend of innovative technology, digitalization and deep understanding of today’s customers’ needs represent the solid basis of our comprehensive software.

eFLEXS FSM Sofware Product Features

eFLEXS Service Management Software Features

eFLEXS Field Service Management software helps customers plan, manage and optimize their processes with the following features:

  • Automated routing of service activities in workgroups or service partners
  • Reliable activity planning and dispatching service orders based on activity type and ZIP Codes
  • Efficient management of team workers and their activities depending on: shifts, schedules, roles
  • Secure subcontractor data integration: devices, items, products, addresses, contracts, orders
  • Effective workflows creation to support a structured planning and working method
  • Using master data from other software systems via web services
  • Improved technician utilization, service dispatcher efficiency and customer satisfaction with eFLEXS Schedule Optimization Software Module

Mobile App Features

Tackle the future of field service management by investing in mobility with eFLEXS field service mobile app and benefit from:

  • Permanent contact with the service teams – continuous feedback and updated information in the FSM Mobile App
  • Real-time connection with the workforce using real-time tracking and location
  • Field service engineers can rest assured that they can start and end their working day from home
  • Easy exchange and online management of documents, including changes in the field
  • Car depot & logistics management: full transparency over the availability of all parts in the vehicle
  • Clear presentation of order processes in a Dashboard with configurable operating features
  • Self-service management: QR-Code scan and pairing with equipment, take photos, videos on the field
  • Service goes sales: trusted field engineers can sell add-on products or make product recommendation
  • Electronic signature of customers and field service engineers on the activity report
Eflexs field service lifecycle management

Service Processes as a Network of Data

Master successfully, manage and automate your field service processes in eFLEXS these technical features:

  • Automated secure synchronization between data (customer data, addresses, device, contracts, products data and orders) and different systems that your customers have
  • Freedom to store and operate on all your data necessary in your service business without any third party software needed
  • Immediate and automatic response to customers or buyers – even different messages to different buyers
  • Possibility to connect to external product catalogue systems and to all types of customized CRMs
Eflexs field service lifecycle management

Cloud-based Dispatch Management Software

Key features of eFLEXS cloud-based service dispatch management software:

  • No initial set-up costs needed (e.g: for IT staff,
    hardware and other resources)
  • Subscription-based model, alternatively available
    on-premise (purchase the licence)
  • No need to worry about costs for acquisition, maintenance, installation and support – we will take care of them
  • The platform is continuously monitored, tested and
    automatically updated by us
  • One click installation from AppStore / PlayStore 
  • 99.99% availability, protection of data, encrypted communication
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Accessible from any location
  • Reliable 24/7 support

Benefits in Field Service – Everyone wins with eFLEXS

How is eFLEXS RIGHT FOR YOU? See the benefits in field service at every level of your organization:


Highest Productivity in Service

In the digital world, a smooth service flow, the efficient use of resources and the best possible relationship with customers are crucial for the sustainable success of a service business. With outstanding service and transparent service processes from customer contact to order completion, we ensure you achieve sustainable growth.

Increase Scalability, Efficiency and Revenue

eFLEXS Field Service Engineer


Better Planning for Service

Service excellence is possible only with efficient, rapid order processing and real-time solutions. This is how you manage to inspire your customers: with real-time access to reliable information and the best possible support in the field. The Field Service Mobile App makes all this possible, is intuitive to use and makes work much easier.

Easier with the Mobile App

eFLEXS Field Service Software Dispatcher

Service Dispatchers

Scheduling & Dispatching Easier

Nowadays, it is only possible to coordinate service assignments with customers and to plan the right technicians with the right skills at the right time and at the right location with the right field service software support. With eFLEXS, it is easy to keep a grip on shift planning and route optimization and keep in constant contact with colleagues in the field.

Optimal Planning of Operations and Routes

eFLEXS Field Service Customer


5-Stars Service for End Customers

End customers benefit from the perfect organizing and punctuality of their customer service and nowadays they expect a high level of competence with individual advice from their service technicians. We create a great benefit customer experience with an optimal first-solution rate and with the necessary deployment background required by well prepared service assignments.

Optimal First-Solution Rate

eFLEXS Field Service Software for Your Industry

With eFLEXS FSM Software you can benefit from a smooth and efficient service process implementation. And achive service excellence in your industry, too.

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