Field Service Software for HVAC Industry

Schedule service, maintenance, installations, repairs and
inspections for HVAC Businesses - faster, easier and better

HVAC Field Service Software for Service Companies

Being a consolidated and efficient service solution that uses smart scheduling, route planning and automated schedule optimization for on-site activities, eFLEXS provides a field service management software and a field app that streamlines contract management to meet your HVAC business requirements and fit the expectations of your customers. All same-day or scheduled service, maintenance, and repairs of HVAC equipment can be organized, optimized for efficiency and more easily managed by:

DISPATCHERS who need to schedule a high volume of work orders per day and to manage different requests and service calls from customers that can come in with some level of urgency.

TECHNICIANS, who need to have their routes planned in advance and ideally, optimized in real-time in order to perform different HVAC services on the field; also, when needed, they can easily manage to pick the parts, materials or tools needed for their HVAC work and drop them before reaching the clients’ location.

CUSTOMERS, who expect met SLAs, punctuality and high competence.

Benefits for HVAC Service Companies - Contractors, Partners or Retailers
offering technical service, maintenance, installations and repairs


Customer Service for Increased HVAC Efficiency 

Improved first-solution rate and immediate assistance are vital for superior service and customer support efficiency.


Better Contract Compliance and HVAC Service Agreements

Not only do you want to sell and manage better HVAC service contracts for recurring service or maintenance, invoice management, preventative maintenance, but you also need to offer quality service for long-term profitability. HVAC system cost optimization, fine-tuning of service processes to reach customers’ goals, data integration, reporting, ease of deployment, accuracy, and compliance with service level management agreements (SLAs) within one technical software that fits small and medium-sized businesses – all these are key factors for streamlining contract management.


Integrated Operations Planning in HVAC Processes 

With a digital and centralized field service scheduling software for HVAC with route and resource planning, data can be linked to inventory, reporting, billing, and accounting. Service processes are streamlined, employee performance and productivity are improved. For HVAC technicians there are no more idle times between the service orders, wasted time on routes and wait time of the job site.


Efficient Services for Higher Performance 

Gone is the time for HVAC dispatchers to be stressed when having to manually plan the orders for service, maintenance or repairs of equipment and to be overloaded with work. eFLEXS Field Service Software is assisted both by a dispatcher and by a smart optimizer. Field service scheduling can be done faster with a schedule optimization solution that can beat the human results, in far less time. A same-day service business can be planned easier and workload challenges reduced for technicians and HVAC dispatchers.

HVAC Software and Mobile App for HVAC Technicians

A powerful HVAC Service Software &
field app for technicians that increases
the efficiency in the field

With real-time access to reliable information through eFLEXS FSM Mobile App, HVAC service technicians become digital by switching to paperless work. With the best possible on-site support, route planning and geo-tracking,
and the ability to create a mobile HVAC service report, field technicians can work better and more transparently.
More features of our Field Mobile App than help techs that work in HVAC departments to execute better their work:

  • Daily HVAC work order management overview
  • Optimized route planning with map support
  • Possibility to create a mobile service report after completion of field tasks
  • Mobile field operations management and optimized work orders
  • Efficient HVAC parts management and inventory system

No matter what kind of HVAC services your company offers, we have a solution
ready for you to focus on your most important activities for your customers

HVAC Service

HVAC Service Repairs

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Installations

Parts replacement

HVAC Optimization

HVAC Customer Service and Support

Customer Service & Support

HVAC Inspection and monitoring

HVAC Inspection & Monitoring

HVAC after sales service

After Sales Service

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