eFLEXS Field Service Scheduling Software:
Workforce scheduling & route planning

Achieve top-notch results: Plan the right technicians
for the right task with all required spare parts through
dynamic field service scheduling

Benefits of eFLEXS Field Service Scheduling Software

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They are empowered with a mobile FSM app
Self-documenting remote service activities
Higher transparency & real-time responsiveness

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Proactively manage field resources
Office tasks digitized and automated routing
Scheduling optimization capabilities

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Improved service with customer-specific conditions
More human relationships & effective communication
Improved First Time Fix Rate

eFLEXS Smart Field Service Scheduling Software

Smart Field Service Scheduling Software

eFLEXS field service scheduling software targets service organizations with a broad service suite of planning requirements that rely on scheduling, where it’s important to simulate short, medium and long-term schedules or react quickly to changes. Organizations whose technicians perform a high volume of work orders per day, or face volatility in schedules and emergency requests due to cancellations or unplanned work, tend to benefit most from the schedule of works. The capabilities of our advanced field service software, therefore, include the automation and schedule optimization for service orders and deployments.

eFLEXS Smart Field Service Scheduling Software
Easy schedule of activities with eFLEXS Schedule Software

Improved Operational Efficiency 📈

Manage Demand and Schedule Work Easier in a Drag-and-Drop Interface

Due to the networked data available in eFLEXS Field Service Dispatch Software, schedulers can comprehensively diagnose requirements and better prepare for deployment (scheduling, spare parts, tools) before sending technicians to locations to provide maintenance, repair or installation services for customer equipment.

With the help of a multi-factorial prioritization of work orders it is possible to consider different criteria for the planning of assignments: urgency, customer’s preferred technician, Service Level Agreement (SLA), maintenance requirements or regulatory requirements.

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With the drag-and-drop user interface for scheduling, the dispatcher can easily plan ordinary, complex or high-volume service activities and manage additional operations. Assignments can be easily assigned to technicians and free appointments via drag-and-drop.

eFLEXS Field Service Scheduling Software supports dispatchers in their work in a variety of ways, as the shift and schedule planning can be done completely manual, partially automated or even fully automatic.

Easy schedule of activities with eFLEXS Schedule Software
Shift Planning, Scheduling and Route Planning on a work Gantt Chart

Activity Planning and Workforce Scheduling

Shift Planning, Scheduling and Route Planning on a work Gantt Chart

Shift planning and distribution of shifts in work groups enables the service center dispatcher to decide whether to assign additional activities to field service technicians in addition to those already planned. This results in new route suggestions through route optimization, which are visualized on map so that dispatcher can determine a suitable route. The already planned work orders can of course be changed at any time.

eFLEXS field service scheduling software, helps not only shorten travel times, but also improve customer satisfaction through optimally prepared and precisely planned deployments. Staff planning for technicians and work groups in combination with intelligent route planning effectively minimizes idle times and maximizes work order utilization.

Automated scheduling of service orders with eFLEXS

Manage Service Orders Digitally
& Automated Schedule

Dispatchers can Manage Service Orders Digitally, in an Activity Dashboard

For organizations that have dispatchers who handle high work order volumes, manage requests, multiresource scheduling and complex service that need to be processed very quickly, scheduling manually service orders is not anymore the best solution. With a digital activity dashboard, dispatchers can have a full overview of the orders and activities’ statuses at some point (planned, unplanned, in work, completed) and manage them directly from there either manual or semi-automated.
Our field service scheduling software allows you to still keep the traditional approach but offers you a way into smart digitalization. With the use of automation (modules), the scheduling of orders increases up-time and the speed of services. Thus, dispatchers can focus on managing additional operations, supporting better technicians and providing faster customer service.

Automated scheduling of service orders with eFLEXS

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Field Service Scheduling Software Tailored to Your Needs

Field Service Scheduling Software Tailored to Your Needs

Field Service Cloud Successfully Integrated with your System and Tools ⚙️🛠️

Our field service scheduling software can easily integrate with the tools you already use and act as provider or consumer of master data, therefore allowing processing of already existing data or the creation and maintaining of data. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated to multiple ERP providers, CRMs, Databases or DMSs and it is easy-to-implement with any system. eFLEXS field service scheduling software offers many supporting functions – such as customer service, invoicing, reporting, project management – that typically require other application licenses.
You can utilize eFLEXS for basic and static field service requirements, integrated with your existing ERP and CRM systems or together with the modules of optimization and/or automation which address to more advanced, dynamic and automated scheduling. With a smart and advanced scheduling software that is future-proof thanks to open eStandards, we can help you achieve deep scheduling optimization.

Field Service Scheduling Software Tailored to Your Needs
Order Management Software for Improved Technician Utilization

Field Service Scheduling Software for Improved Technician Utilization

Inform and Enable Technicians with Order Processing and Remote Support 👍

The graphical scheduling functions of eFLEXS simplify the scheduling of operations by displaying the relevant scheduling conditions and deployment parameters, e.g. skills. This enables a much more precise detailed planning of assignments and, as a result, a significantly improved workload of the field staff.

eFLEXS deployment planning functionalities provide dispatchers with the needed support to update field technicians with order data in real time . The immediate reaction to short-term events, such as emergencies, cancellations or unplanned special operations, is made possible by resource and planning views in eFLEXS in a clear and coordinated manner.

Service technicians receive their assignments via the Mobile Field Service App, which not only provides an overview of the planned assignments, but also prepares all order details for viewing and processing them in a structured manner. Constant synchronization between the Mobil App and the eFLEXS application in the office keeps technicians and dispatchers informed at all times about the current status and progress of the assignments.

Transparent Service Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction

Transparent Service Cooperation for
Successful Field Service Management

+40% Improved Customer Satisfaction 😊

As customers’ complex needs evolve and market dynamics change, service should become more efficient, employees less stressful (more happy) and customers more satisfied. With over 20 years of experience in software development for service management, we have created an advanced and flexible system for planning, dispatching, scheduling and execution in technical service, which can be easily combined with a customer-specific service concept. We develop training, integration support and good relationships with customers so that they can easily control their service processes and task planning once the configured system solution has been installed.

Transparent Service Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction

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