About us

eFLEXS was developed to bring together the wide field of organization and tour planning of Technical Service with field staff in an adaptable and efficient software solution. Designed by EL2 GmbH, the Field Service Management (FSM) software solution and FSM Mobile App helps all companies with direct or indirect customer relationships for technical services. As an integrated service management tool, eFLEXS networks all data relevant for technical service and thus allows a high degree of automation and optimization. The field service control and tour planning are professionally defined, implemented and optimised. With over 20 years of experience in software development for service management, EL2 has created an innovative, advanced system for planning and field service scheduling, dispatching, and execution in technical service, which can be easily combined with a customer-specific service concept.

The software solution eFLEXS offers an easy to configure system solution for the efficient control of service processes and task planning. It can be used in the office and in the field. Experience the importance of a holistic approach to field service with advanced service management software and the right service development. eFLEXS service development includes consulting on service strategy, service design, service performance management and the systematic introduction of the highest demands on service quality. Our customers come mainly from industries in the areas of production and services.

Increase the efficiency

Powered by efficiency at every level in the field service management: from the smart automated planning of your operational resources and processes optimization to order generation, routing of activities, dispatching, real-time access through the mobile app and customer support.

Delight your customers

As a dispatcher, you keep in contact with the service technicians and support them and the customers in the requirements or changes they need. As a technician, you efficiently self-organize your work, easily get support and real-time updates through eFLEXS Field Service Mobile App.