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A right service industry software simplifies processes, saves time & money.
eFLEXS software optimizes your company's service operations
such as repair, maintenance, customer service, and installation.

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eFLEXS Service Industry Software

In the service industry and service companies, a variety of field assignments are part of day-to-day business, often involving the organisation of various measures and activities in line with personnel, equipment and work processes. Do you manage to keep track of all service assignments, employees and customer needs? What if you could plan and manage all this in a cost-optimized and customer-oriented way?

With eFLEXS Service Industry Software, we offer an integrated service management software that covers all facets of field service and, in addition, ensures the digitalization of processes in field service scheduling, dispatching and route planning. This brings enormous benefits for all involved:

DISPONENTS plan deployments much more efficiently taking into account location, time and skill / requirements manually or automatically.

SERVICE TECHNICIANS are provided on site with all necessary information on deployment activity, vehicle stock and spare parts management.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS accelerate invoicing through perfectly planned and executed services and at the same time through fully integrated processes.

eFLEXS is suitable for any service-based company with mobile field staff and is suitable, among other things, for:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Building services engineering/maintenance
  • Fire and security service
  • Delivery services
  • Pest Control
  • POS Terminal Services
  • Spare parts supply
  • Inspection / Certification / Testing and many more

Benefits for service-based companies and service providers

In the service sector, service quality and customer orientation determine your success. The digital efficiency of eFLEXS Service Industry Software ensures agile and responsive action and greater cost-effectiveness in the performance of your services.


Increased efficiency for service companies 

Increase customer satisfaction through better prepared deployments as well as through the execution of your services.


Improved performance in planning and execution 

Skills and workload must be taken into account in planning. Manual or automatic scheduling of operations. Customer, order and object history provide the field service with important details. Tailor-made routes.


Integrated processes and coordination of external partners

Workflow-supported execution. Coordinate multi-part services with various internal and external partners while ensuring transparency and quality at all times.


Easier service contract compliance

Service contracts for regular service or emergency operations should be adapted as optimally as possible to the respective requirements. Accordingly, you can offer your customers the highest quality service.

Service Industry Mobile App for Technicians

A powerful and easy to use Field Service App
for your Mobile Service Technicians

The best possible service staff skills – Connecting people and technology perfectly with the eFLEXS FSM App.

The Mobile Field Service App and cloud-based field service software improves employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. It can be used anywhere and, as a service technician, you are kept fully informed at all times, on a smartphone or tablet. The FSM Mobile App ensures better prepared deployments, fast reaction action and better quality, as all relevant data is available in real time and executed activities can be reported back immediately:

  • Current order list (online / offline) with route display + navigation
  • Time recording, checklists and conclusion codes
  • Material logistics with vehicle warehouse
  • Reports with signature
  • Add and view documents

Whatever kind of service you want to coordinate, we have the right solution for your field service management.
So that you can concentrate on your most important tasks and customers:

General Service

Installations or Montage

Repairs and Maintenance


Emergency Service

Customer Service and Support

Inspections and Monitoring

Distribution Services

Find out how eFLEXS can improve your service operations

With a flexible and scalable solution!