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Service Software for Home Appliances Repair & Services

Being a consolidated and efficient solution that uses smart scheduling, route planning and automated schedule optimization for on-site activities, eFLEXS provides a field service software that streamlines contract management to meet your business requirements and fit the expectations of your customers. All same-day or scheduled domestic appliance service, maintenance, and repairs of different products can be organized, optimized for efficiency and more easily managed by:

SCHEDULERS, who need to plan a high volume of work orders per day and to manage different claims from customers that can come in with some level of urgency.

TECHNICIANS, who need to have their routes planned in advance and ideally, optimized in real-time in order to perform home appliances repair and service or installations for household appliances; also, when needed, they can easily manage to pick the appliance parts from the depot, needed for their work and drop them in their way to customers.

CUSTOMERS, who expect met SLAs, home appliance warranty service, punctuality, and high competence.

Advantages for Household Appliance Customer Service Companies


Increased Customer Support Efficiency

Improved initial resolution rates and immediate support are critical to superior service and efficient customer care.


More efficient scheduling

eFLEXS Field Service software facilitates the work of dispatchers through the scheduling component during interactive scheduling and can even improve it through smart optimization processes. The Scheduling component can be used to improve the work of dispatchers and can even improve scheduling by using smart optimization procedures. This can be achieved by using our Scheduling solution module to achieve significant improvements over manually organized scheduling, such as an ideal sequence of activities/customer appointments for your service dispatchers while minimizing the number of traveled routes.


Compensating for skills shortages

Technicians with the right skills are needed to provide high-quality service on a wide range of home appliance services for customers.
eFLEXS field service scheduling in combination with the eFLEXS Field Service Mobile App not only optimally utilizes personnel capacities but also maps service processes digitally and thus significantly reduces time-consuming back-office activities.
All data can be captured, processed and reported back via the mobile app, including a service report, saving valuable time and opening up scope for profitable activities.


Optimized integrated processes

With a digital field service planning software for route and resource planning, you can link data with inventory & warehouse, reporting, accounting, and bookkeeping. Service processes are optimized, employee performance and productivity are improved. For technicians, there are fewer idle times between service orders, time is saved through optimal routes and precisely planned activities on site.

Service Software and Mobile App for home appliance technicians

A powerful solution for home appliance technicians -
to increase the efficiency in their service business for domestic appliances

With real-time access to reliable information through the Mobile FSM App, home appliance repair technicians become more digital by switching to paperless work. With the best possible on-site support, route planning and geo-tracking, and the ability to create a mobile visit report, technicians can work better and more transparently.
More features of our eFLEXS Mobile Service Management App:

  • Overview of all daily home appliances repair and service activities
  • Availability of appliance parts in the depot, from suppliers and whenever needed
  • Route planning and appliance home delivery with map support
  • Create a home appliance service report after completion of the task

No matter what kind of home appliance service your company offers, we have
a solution ready for you to focus on your most important activities for your customers

Home appliances repair & services

Home Appliances Repair & Services

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Home Appliance Maintenance Service

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Home appliance installation services

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