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Field Service Software for Elevator Manufacturers and Lift Service Companies

Service quality in the elevators and escalators industry means providing improved processesfaster order processing and digital real-time solutions to customers and employees. The traditional relationship between customers, employees and service providers based on functional silos has evolved towards a solution-oriented relationship. eFLEXS provides a sustainable and efficient software for the elevators and escalators industry that can successfully combine scheduling, dispatching, route planning and on-site service activities with the customers’ specific service concept.

Advantages for lift manufacturing companies who offer technical maintenance and service to elevator or escalator systems

Reduced time for manual work and optimal first-solution rate based on well-prepared service assignments for deployment, such as for activities like installation, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) of lift systems and customer-owned equipment.

These are achieved through better data & processes in the office and dispatching and on-site by the timeliness of data by the technicians.

Benefits for third-party elevator maintenance

Cost savings, improved operations and a much faster response to scheduled maintenance, regular service or customer’s urgency. Also, by considering a multi-factorial prioritization of work orders depending on the: Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing arrival or response time, elevator service and maintenance coverage, intervals, processes, and other regulatory requirements – all these “conditions” affect the activities the elevator technicians will provide.

With a digital and easy-to-use field service scheduling software for route and resource planning, data can be easily linked to inventory, billing, and accounting. For example, dispatchers can work more efficiently, in a relaxed manner, have more control over task planning and service processes and support technicians on the field. On the other hand, technicians are prepared with all details and specifications and know in advance what type of service is needed to provide and for what exactly: for new or already installed equipment or for different components or parts of it: sensors, cables, breaks, etc. Customers’ satisfaction can be improved and their high expectations met in terms of costs, time and efficiency, agreed specific conditions and requirements, more human relationships and effective communication.

Elevator Technician Field Software and FSM Mobile App

A powerful solution for elevator technicians -
to increase the efficiency in their service business
for elevators & escalators

With real-time access to reliable information through the Mobile Field Service App elevator technicians become more digital by switching to paperless work. With the best possible on-site support, route planning and geo-tracking, and the ability to create a mobile visit report, escalator and lift technicians can work better and more transparently. More features of our eFLEXS Mobile App:

  • Overview of all daily activities of the escalator or elevator service
  • Availability of elevator parts and escalator components
  • Route planning with map support
  • Create a service report after completion of the task

No matter what kind of elevator service your company offers, we have a solution ready for you,
so that you can concentrate on your most important activities for your customers.

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