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Field Service and Schedule Optimization

Dispatchers have to cope with a multitude of tasks when it comes to planning, scheduling and dispatching field service deployments. With the number of deployments to be planned, the complexity of compiling the best possible tours for the technicians increases exponentially, while at the same time adhering to deadline criteria. In addition, there are unpredictable events such as employee absences, deadline cancellations and urgent orders that require immediate action and changes to the current scheduling. This can quickly result in an almost unmanageable number of coordination tasks.

eFLEXS field service and schedule optimization,

How is it possible to save - not only time - in resource planning with scheduled optimization?

With our schedule optimization module of the eFLEXS Field Service Management Software you can solve a variety of different problems of this kind. For example, you can define various target functions – such as minimizing travel costs – and consider various business-specific constraints such as time windows, technician skills, material availability or break times in the optimization. You will always be in control, because eFLEXS supports you in manual scheduling and automatic planning for optimization in the field.

Advantages with Automation & Schedule Optimization

For your Customers

• Improvement of adherence to delivery dates
• Higher error correction rate at first visit
• Better responsiveness to schedule changes
• Compliance with restrictions such as technician, skill, material
• Increased customer experience and satisfaction

Benefits for customers using eFLEXS schedule optimization

For the Environment

• Reduction of driving distances
• Reduction of CO2 emissions
• Reduction of paper waste through digitalization
• Relaxed technicians and drivers through optimized scheduling and route planning
• Greater sustainability through intelligent use of human & technical resources

Smooth interaction






The smooth interaction of data from our merchandise management system and service management optimizes the entire workflow. Improved cost control and warehousing are noticeable successes. And: Good service documentation has a positive effect on planning for the following years. Preventive maintenance work and expected maintenance measures are calculable, the annual call volume and the necessary provision of specialists can be better estimated and planned.
Cordula Adamek - CEO Kaut-Bullinger Office + Solution GmbH
Kaut Bullinger
eFLEXS Field Service Schedule Optimization Module

Advanced Schedule Optimization Solution

Providing technical services often requires an appointment promise. With accurate adherence to deadlines and service level agreements, you can rely on the best possible tour right from the planning stage. Our advanced optimization solution takes into account deadlines, travel times, and specific customer needs and improves the sequence of deployments to help you increase productivity.

Route optimization and tour planning with worldwide coverage

Tour Planning with worldwide coverage

Our tour planning is based on OpenStreetMap maps. This means that our route planning optimization can be used all over the world.

Highlights of Field Service Optimization

Our cross-industry field service management software with automation and optimization module supports the transition from manual field service scheduling to automated field schedule optimization.

Schedule Optimization module from eFLEXS Field Service Software

Optimized schedules
and planning

For the most diverse requirements and your KPIs, carry out automated planning of your service assignments with our schedule optimization module.

Multidimensional field service optimization with eFLEXS

Improvement in several dimensions

Use various target functions to define the measures you want to use to optimize your schedules and thus achieve better results.

Route optimization for technicians with eFLEXS Schedule Optimization module

Guarantee material & spare parts availability accurately

By comparing the materials' availability with the customer and deployment requirements, these are included in the scheduling of the deployments.

With eFLEXS Schedule Optimization dispatchers gain more time

Gaining more time
for other activities

Optimize your time and free yourself for other value-added activities, as eFLEXS Field Service Optimization can relieve you of a lot of planning work.

Reduce travel times with eFLEXS Field Service Optimization Module

Reduce technicians'
and drivers' travel time

On the basis of road-exact route calculation, you use ideal routes for the journey optimization of the technicians and thus reduce their travel time.

eFLEXS improves the adherence to delivery dates

Improve adherence to
delivery dates

This is a very important evaluation criterion for your performance as a service provider or supplier. With high adherence to delivery dates, you strengthen the trust of your customers.

Use eFLEXS Schedule Optimization to gain service excellence

Improve responsiveness

As a service provider, react quickly and efficiently and remain competitive, thanks to support with automated workflows combined with high transparency in eFLEXS.

eFLEXS Field Schedule Optimizer reduces planning downtime between field assignments

Reduce downtime

It is almost impossible to avoid planning downtime between field assignments. With computer-aided optimization, however, these can be reduced, because orders can be automatically scheduled in the appropriate order.

Comply with customer technician restrictions

Compliance with customer technician restrictions

Consideration of specific business-driven possible constraints in the relationship customer-technician.

Minimize driving distances with route optimization

Minimize driving distances

Optimal planning of the sequence of operations through intelligent route optimization and thus significantly minimizing the number of routes.


Compliance with skill requirements

Extensive consideration of different constraints, e.g. employee skills.

Protect the environment with eFLEXS

Protecting the environment

Protection of the environment through reduction of exhaust emissions and wear and tear of your vehicle fleet.

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