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Managers strive to ensure that their employees complete their assignments on time
and on budget - or preferably in a fast and cost-effective manner. They want
more productive employees to ensure their company's success in the future.

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How can you, as a manager, improve operational efficiency and productivity
in the field and keep costs down without compromising quality?

Better and More Cost-Effective Service
Handle more efficient paper-based processes while moving towards the longer-term vision of fully digital processes. These lead to a greater cost-effectiveness for your services and enable the reduction of processing times. Potential savings: 5 – 20 % labour costs

Increase Employee Productivity
Dispatchers or schedulers plan easier more activities in a shorter time for the same number of employees through automated scheduling.
Technicians become more efficient by using a mobile field service app that allows them to provide better detail to customers about work completed, create easily digital reports and have access to real-time data.
Result: 20 – 30 % higher productivity

Less Repeat Visits to Customer Locations 
An accurate high percentage of work orders completed without a “call-out” or another return visit by the same or another technician lead to an improved First Visit Fix Rate. Cost per work orders is reduced when technicians have the appropriate parts, skills, and tools to complete work in a timely manner, on the first visit. Possible reduction: 5 – 20 % repeat visits

Optimized Routes, Reduced Travel Time and Costs
With the Route Optimization Module built by eFLEXS, technicians get to customers on optimized routes, with reduced fuel consumption and less costs. This means they have more time for service and for customers. Possible savings: 5 – 30 %

How can eFLEXS field service software for management support your business strategy?

Traditional service operations typically send technicians to customer sites with printed order forms to provide services for customer-owned equipment that is actively maintained, serviced and monitored under a pre-defined service or maintenance contract. Often it is only at the end of the day, after all the work has been completed, that those responsible can determine the technician’s order status, the degree of completion and the billing items.

So, how can you, as a manager, track progress and
achieve top performance in your field assignments?

Achieving performance in field operations require to work with functional modules of a service management software you can utilize not only today, but one that is flexible enough to evolve over time with the changing needs of your customers and your business requirements. eFLEXS field service management is such a software. Due to its key FSM functional capabilities, it can provide the level of control and efficiency that is vital for your business long-term growth.

Demand management

Visibility across all orders, employees, parts and equipment improves planning and execution of services

Capture all work order requirements in one work order system and properly manage existing resources, including the parts, tools and skills employees need to succeed. You can also include certain contract claims or preferences that the requesting customer has in the requirements design. Through the best possible preparation of the assignments, you form the basis for faster service and better service quality for your customers.

Resource Planning & Optimization

Efficient planning maximizes order productivity and lowers costs through higher first visit success rate

Prioritization and allocation of work orders take into account current and demand forecasting. With intelligent field service scheduling and planning functions, eFLEXS supports the creation of the best possible resource planning even during manual scheduling. Parts planning capabilities allow the scheduler or dispatcher to add required parts based on tasks, customer or specific work orders. By partially automating planning in combination with the available sequencing optimization, resources can be coordinated even more efficiently and cost-optimized.

Mobile Enablement

Digital workflows and communication save time, increase work quality and customer satisfaction

With a mobile app in the field, employees are optimally supplied with the most important data even when in action. Information on systems, operating data, customer history, spare parts items, operating documents and maintenance instructions, etc. can be retrieved in real-time. Data and service reports are digitized and captured directly on the mobile device, signed and immediately transferred to the eFLEXS system, where they are available for invoicing more quickly.
A seamless digital process without media discontinuity is created, from order preparation and tracking during operation to final order post-processing.
The quality of the data increases, the effort for your field staff is simplified and they can work even more professionally and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Work order fulfillment

Quitting paper-based data acquisition and constant up-to-date of work performance reduces order throughput times

With eFLEXS digital field service management solution, you can reduce duplicate manual entries by completely replacing the paper order. All order data can be captured in the order acceptance process and can be supplemented and linked to relevant data. Field technicians use the Mobile App to capture time, tasks, as well as signatures, images and documentation with the photo and barcode scanning capabilities. With the direct feedback from the field service, all data is available in real-time to the back office and can supply ERP, CRM, supply chain and back office systems electronically with the corresponding data from there.

Asset management

Careful management of installed base reduces warranty losses and improves customer loyalty

Punctual and proactive or predictive maintenance reduces equipment failures and malfunctions. By managing the installed base, eFLEXS creates the conditions for integrated processing of objects, contracts, claims and services. Records of systems/equipment, components and maintenance intervals enable proactive service visits, which can be scheduled to the respective technician location on an area basis, for example. Operations and service contracts can be maintained for customers and plants via contract management with the possibility of applying tasks and costs for repairs and maintenance work during order execution.


Integrated service processes with CRM, ERP and FSM for increased productivity and lean workflows

The integration of field service software with back-end systems, such as CRM and ERP, is essential for a lean, efficient organization. Not only does this lead to increased flexibility, it also helps them increase service functionality and agility for their business.
Smooth processes not only improve cross-departmental collaboration, but also increase customer satisfaction.
eFLEXS is your partner here too: Thanks to open eFLEXS interfaces based on web services / REST API, integrations are easy to manage.

Transparent Collaboration with Employees
and Cross-Functional Coordination

Managers want to be kept up to date at every step of the service processes they coordinate and
are responsible for. It is important for managers not only to identify potential problems, but also
to learn how they can work better with different departments to achieve their goals together.

Successfully integrated operations can help you achieve the results you want

eFLEXS provides a powerful field service software dedicated to the integrated management of your business.
Improve your operations with a comprehensive and flexible software that positions your company for long-term growth.