Field Service Software for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Schedule maintenance, service, and repairs for industrial
equipment, machines, and plants in manufacturing and production
- faster, easier and better

Field Service Software for Industrial Equipment Suppliers

eFLEXS Field Service Management offers a holistic field service management platform that covers all aspects of after-sales service with field technicians, enabling industrial equipment companies to ensure a high level of plant availability, service efficiency and customer satisfaction. These include critical factors like these:

SERVICE DISPATCHERS, who need to differentiate between planned installation and maintenance operations and urgent incidents; plan a high volume of work orders per day and assign them to field technicians with different skills.

FIELD TECHNICIANS, who get their routes planned in advance and ideally optimized in real time to perform installation, maintenance, service or repairs on industrial machinery and equipment. Their work also requires access to essential data, spare parts, and materials at all times.

CUSTOMERS, who expect high availability of their production equipment and therefore require fast troubleshooting.

Benefits for field service in industrial manufacturing equipment, machine, and plant construction


Increased efficiency for industrial equipment after sales service

With an overview of all data and planning information, eFLEXS provides an improved first-time fix rate and optimal preparation for field service scheduling and deployments, resulting in superior service and efficient customer care.


Comprehensive Contract and SLA Management in Service

Cyclical service or preventative maintenance contracts can be customized to meet your needs to provide the highest quality service to your customers and ensure long-term profitability for your business.


Improved Field Service Performance

Supporting the manual resource planning of the service dispatcher and, as an extension, automatic field service optimization with a Smart Optimizer ensure better capacity utilization of the technicians in the service and precise assignment of the right activities at the right time. The daily updated service business is easier to plan and workloads for technicians and dispatchers are reduced.


Integrated processes in service

Linking data with asset structure and inventory, management of service and material stocks, up to invoice support leads to a considerable reduction of costs and enables the reduction of dead times.

FSM Mobile App for service technicians working in industrial manufacturing

Secure competitive advantages
in industrial equipment manufacturing
with a powerful Field Service Management Software & App

With real-time access to reliable data through the eFLEXS FSM Mobile App, engineers in industrial manufacturing, mechanical & plant engineering become digital by switching to paperless work. With the best possible on-site support, manufacturing resource planning, route planning, and geo-tracking, as well as the ability to create a service report on the move, technicians in the service business can work faster and more transparently than ever before.
These and other features of our Field Service Mobile App support technicians in service, maintenance, and repair of industrial equipment:

  • Overview of the currently pending service orders in after-sales service
  • Management of articles, spare parts and mapping of the plant infrastructure
  • Optimized route planning with map support
  • Mobile field service control and optimized work orders
  • Create mobile service report after completion of activities

No matter what kind of services industrial equipment suppliers offer,
we have the right solution for your field service management

Service for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Service for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Industrial Equipment Maintenance Service

Industrial Equipment Maintenance Service

Installation Services for Machinery Industrial Equipment

Installation of Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Parts Exchange and Readjustments for Industrial Equipment

Parts Exchange or Readjustments

Industrial Equipment Repair

Industrial Equipment Repair

Industrial equipment assembly and maintenance

Industrial Assembly and Maintenance

Industrial machinery and equipment maintenance

Assembly of Machines and Equipment

After Sales Service and Support

After Sales Service

Make your service in industrial manufacturing equipment a profitable business with eFLEXS!

Reduce your costs and improve your technical field service
with a flexible and scalable cloud solution.