Achieve digital service processes throughout your technical service

How to Truly Achieve Digital Service Processes Throughout your Technical Service

Digitalization of service processes as a step towards operational intelligence

Digitalization in the Technical Service is closely linked to the mobile technology only with the ubiquitous availability of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  However, the path to 100% digital processes and digital transformation in technical service involves much more challenges that go far beyond the mere use of mobile devices. Transforming service processes through digitalization requires the need to connect data from different sources and to make the service products digital.

The good news: with the eFLEXS Service Management solution, you can digitalize your entire process chain in Technical Service.

Take the example of a machine for which a specific service level has been agreed on in case of a malfunction. On the one hand, this could be a specific start time for a technician to start remedying a malfunction. On the other hand, there could be costs associated with the technician — the service as the service product has a certain price. Both points, temporal and commercial constraints can now vary from customer to customer. They are often regulated in a service contract with the customer.

The expectation from a 100% digital service management and the impact of digitalization on your business and processes 

The expectation of a 100% digitalized process consists in the fact that a service order brings together this networked data: The machine brings its relation to the service contract, which in turn determines the price of the service product in the order and the time frame — ie the correct SLA conditions — for all activities within the scope of the service order.

Save yourself the time of searching for the right data. With the end-to-end digitalized processes in eFLEXS Service Management software, you have everything in the right place, if you want, for each customer and every machine.

Why do you reach the limits of digitalization with ticketing systems?

“Service” is not automatically equated with “technician deployment” and conventional ticketing systems are quickly reaching their limits. A service product may require a work schedule of several linked activities that can take place in different places but should always be scheduled and monitored timely.

For example, for our customer’s service call mentioned above, it might be necessary to first determine data via remote access as part of a prequalification. The data is then evaluated in-house, in order to properly plan the use of technicians and protect your service staff from unpleasant surprises at the customer. The eFLEXS Service Management solution, therefore, allows you to automate service processes and manage the call-up of different routings for your service products, even with multiple activities, so that they can also be assigned to different employees.

Digitally networked online and offline  — advantages of digitalization with the field service app

If your service representative is then at the customer’s disposal, the focus here is also on the networking of data from different areas: the technician can use the data of the activity assigned to him to access all device data in the Installed Base — and thus also in real-time devices — and update operating data. He can easily take spare parts from his vehicle warehouse into the service order. Their inventory changes can also be forwarded directly to an ERP system via the eFLEXS system. And at the same time, the field service engineer is also able to work offline at any time. Accumulating data, such as his or her work report, work and travel times are automatically synchronized when the connection is reestablished.

The customer can receive his work report by e-mail, even before the technician makes his way to his next assignment. And by the feedback of the data in real time, the invoice to the customer can be created immediately. Annoying waiting times on paper documents can be eliminated, and also the coworker can get rid of the evening feedback of data by e-mail or over web portals.

With the transparent feedback of the data up to the customer or a deviating client, the integrated digital process chain in the eFLEXS Service Management System is closed.

Request the eFLEXS Demo to benefit from the advantages of digitalization. Learn how digital processes can work across your technical services and how it can add value to your business.


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