eFLEXS, Field Service Management Expert

Recognized as a Field Service Management Expert

We are proud to be a member of the Cluster Mechatronics and Automation and we would like to thank the Cluster for this partnership and recognition as a field service management expert by one of the most active innovation networks in Germany.

Automation technology, smart data, integrated services, smart materials or service optimization are just a few of the shared topics on which eFLEXS can support the Cluster partners, in implementing innovative solutions to improve service quality in the areas of production, automation, after-sales, and information technology.

It is clear that the path to digitalization, automation, and Industry 4.0.through technology and software in field service is not without challenges. This is why eFLEXS wants to contribute to the redesign of existing working methods in service companies, especially in those with a direct or indirect relationship to technical services, such as preventive maintenance, assembly/installation, troubleshooting or repairs.


With integrated workflows, a smooth and adaptable solution that enables your employees (technicians, engineers, planners, managers) to plan and execute service orders more efficiently and transparently.

The digitization of companies in order to achieve improved service quality and also to meet the growing needs of customers requires the right support in the form of: automated workflows, intelligent service processes, comprehensive contract, and SLA management. This is why we have created an innovative field service management software for various industries such as: Services, IT and Telecommunications, Industrial manufacturing equipment, HVAC – just to name a few, that enables companies to improve their services, boost their productivity and empower their employees with an integrated, dynamic and easy to use service management software and FSM Mobile App.

Some key benefits of using eFLEXS:

  • – 30% shorter routes
  • – 99% paperwork
  • – 50% of administrative costs
  • + 25% improved technician utilization
  • + 55% efficiency in dispatching
  • + 40% improved customer satisfaction

Want to learn more?

Request a free demo of eFLEXS or call us at +49 89 9901 6799

eFLEXS FSM Mobile App is available for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones

Photo at the handing over of the membership certificate:

On the right: Hermann Lindl, Managing Director of eFLEXS | EL 2 GmbH and Dr. Benedikt Sykora, Cluster Manager South Bayern

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